Salat Torte / salad "cake"

Heute mal eine englische Beschreibung

Salattorte: Salad "Cake"

The method is quite easy, the ingredients can be modified to your liking;)

In the Salad shown in the picture the following ingredients were used:

Lettuce in different colours, cucumber, 8 tomatos, onions, 5 hardboiled eggs, ham, radishes, slices of cheese.

Decoration: grated cheese, chives, small tomatos, radishes, scallions, cucumber

You can serve it with any Salad Dressing that you like! I prefer one with honey&mustard 😊

Here a short video that shows the basic idea: (its in german but You don't really need to Understand the words, just look how it is prepared, you can use any ingredients you like)

After you put the last layer, cover it with some clear plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge for  half a day.
To help it "settle down" you can place a heavy plate on top (and add something with more weight on top, f.e. a stone)

Before you serve it, take the baking ring off, cut it nicely in pieces (make sure you cut all the layers well!) and add some decorative vegetables to make it look nice.
Serve it with you favourite Dressing.